Who can join us?

Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in swimming, running or cycling.  We cater for all fitness levels from complete beginners to elite athletes – regardless of your experience level you are welcome in West Clare Triathlon Club.

How much does it cost?

The annual club membership is €25.  Membership runs form Jan 1st to December 31st.

You will also be required (mandatory) to become a member of Triathlon Ireland (TI).  This costs €65 for Full Membership for 2022.  Membership of Triathlon Ireland covers you for insurance for TI sanctioned races and our own club training.  If you intend on participating in more than 2 events in the racing season, full membership of TI is the better option as you will be required to purchase a one day licence at a cost of €25 per event.

Training Membership of Triathlon Ireland: €22. This membership is for people who are involved with the club and may take part in some training sessions, but do not intend to race (or only participate in a couple of races). Although you are insured to train with the club, you will have to pay a one-day license fee each time you race.

So in short your club fee €25 + full TI member ship €65 = €90


Club fee €25 + €22 (TI associate member) = €47 +1 day license 

How do I join?

In just one easy step you can now join West Clare Triathlon Club and Triathlon Ireland simultaneously.
For more details and how to join TI follow the link to Triathlon Ireland


What are the benefits of West Clare Tri membership?

  • You are covered by insurance for all organised training events within the club (providing that you are a member of TI also)
  • Meet other triathletes in the area
  • Access to swimming lessons, triathlon specific spin sessions and dedicated track session are available to all members
  • You get the support and company of all the other club members
  • Fun environment where taking part and enjoyment are just as important as the result.
  • A great way to get fit, live a healthy lifestyle while meeting and making new friends.
  • Access to purchase club discounted gear.